Monday, November 29, 2010

Time to strap on those tennies!

I went to the gym today. It felt good to work up a sweat. I have been a member at LA Fitness since last spring. I thought for sure that paying for a gym membership would keep me accountable to go and workout. I mean, if I'm paying for it, I might as well get the most out of it! And... that lasted for about 3 months. I have gone every now and then since. Mostly on Saturdays when I have a lot of free time.

But that is all gonna change! I went today and it felt so good! I want to start getting in the habit of going immediately after work. Normally I am exhausted from the work day so I come home, plop on the couch, and eat a long dinner consisting of some kind of microwavable meal. Then I get some work done at home, and lights out by 9:30. My 2 hour dinner/TV time could surely be cut in half allowing me some much needed cardio time at the gym.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Weight Loss Kick-Off!

No ladies and gentleman, I am not pregnant. Instead quite the opposite. Let me explain. I have seen many pregnant friends posting pictures of their bellies getting bigger with a growing bundle of joy. My belly, however, is big without the bundle. It's just big. I have decided to photo-document my weight loss progress in the next nine months. My nine months outcome will be much different than my pregnant friends. Instead of my belly growing bigger, it will be getting smaller. And instead of shopping for baby clothes, I 'll be shopping for a new wardrobe to go with my newfound healthy lifestyle. In addition to monthly photo updates, I will post exercise routines, meals, and tips that I have learned along the way. Feel free to share any advice or tips you may have!