Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Pumps!

After talking to some experienced runners, I learned that one staple for running is good running shoes. If you run with old, worn shoes you could get hurt. My friend and I went to a running store called BlueMile in Fishers. At this particular store, they video tape your feet as your run on the treadmill. After reviewing the tape, the sales associate helps you find shoes to meet your particular running style. I learned from watching my video, that my feel pronate as I run. This means that I slightly lean in on my feet when I run. I purchased some "stability" shoes.

These shoes offer extra stability in the inner part of my shoes so that I don't get hurt as I run. The particular shoes that I picked out are New Balance. They feel so comfortable! My new shoes help motivate me to keep up with my running!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fast Food

Since I've been counting my calories, I decided to look up how many calories each of my favorite fast food meals consisted of. I was shocked at what I found. And I am so happy I have changed my eating habits. Eating out just once in a day takes up most of my daily calories. Soooo not worth it! I will definitely limit my fast food intake. Take a look at what I found:


  • Spicy Chicken Sandwich: 460 calories
  • Natural Cut Fries (Medium): 420 calories
  • Sweet Tea (Medium): 140 calories
  • Total: 1020 calories


  • 10 piece Chicken Nuggets: 460 calories
  • Medium French Fries: 380 calories
  • Sweet ‘n Sour Sauce (2): 100 calories
  • Sweet Tea (Large): 280 calories
  • Total: 1220 calories
Taco Bell

  • Mexican Pizza: 540 calories
  • Soft Tacos (2): 480 calories
  • Hot Sauce (6): 10 calories
  • Light Lemonade (Medium): 10 calories
  • Total: 1030 calories

Papa Johns

  • Pepperoni Pizza: 210 calories per slice
  • Total: 630 calories

  • 6” Chicken Bacon Ranch: 650 calories
  • Sunchips Harvest Cheddar: 210 calories
  • Dr. Pepper: 200 calories
  • Total: 1060 calories

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Calorie Conscious

Some friends introduced me to a program online called If you are interested in counting your calories, this site is so incredibly helpful! They help set you up with a goal of how many calories you should consume per day. Then you log the food you eat and the water you drink throughout the day, and the site calculates how many total calories you have consumed that day and how many calories you have yet to eat. You can also log any cardio or strength training you do. My daily goal is around 1500 calories. My eyes have been opened to how much food I was eating before. I have to consume much less in order to reach my calorie goal. I also have to choose much healthier alternatives to the foods I had been eating before.

In addition to being more calorie conscious. I have done some research about losing weight and calories. Everything says to effectively lose weight, you must burn more calories than you consume each day. At first I thought, how am I supposed to burn 2,000 calories at the gym?! Thats a loooong time on the treadmill. Then I remembered that you lose calories doing everyday things. I was curious how many calories I lose just doing my normal daily routines. I found this website: On this site, you can log how many minutes you do each of the listed activities a day. Then they give you a breakdown of how many calories you burn doing those activities. I found out I burned a little over 2,000 calories on a daily basis just doing the things I normally do. This is great because when I go workout at the gym, I am going above and beyond bringing me closer to my weight goal.

ActivityCalories burned
Brush teeth7
Walking - up stairs59
Talking on phone93
Walking 2 mph243
Total Calories Burned2,098

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Falling Victim to Holiday Hunger

Dear Health Savvy Internet Surfers,

Yikes. I did it. I ate Christmas cookies, pie, candy, lots of chocolate, alcohol, servings of homecookin' upon servings. And to top it all off, I neglected to work out for almost two whole weeks! I had decided to let my guard down for "just one day". But one day turned into several days of laziness and gluttony. I'm not too happy I let this happen... however, in spite of my little downfall, I MANAGED TO LOSE 1.3 POUNDS! Now I realize that this isn't much weight to lose considering it had been a whole month since my last weight in. But like I said in a previous post, most Americans gain at least one pound per holiday season. My goal for December was to at least maintain my weight. AND I DID IT!!! Now that I am back at school working, I've got my routines back, and there are fewer gluttonous gatherings, I should be able to lose more weight this month. I'll keep you updated.

Obese Optimist

January Weigh-In

Changes in Weight and Measurement Since Last Month

Weight: -1.3 lbs
Waist: -1.5 in
Arm: -0.5 in
Bust: -0 in
Thigh: -0 in
Hips: -0 in