Saturday, March 12, 2011

Outside Running

Yesterday I ran outside for the first time. Since I started my running program, C25k, I have been running on the treadmill at my gym. I ran on the treadmill for two reasons: 1) It was too cold to run outside, and 2) Running outside intimidates me. Yesterday was the first "kinda warm" day this season, so I strapped on my tennies and headed outdoors. I downloaded a GPS feature to my C25K app on my phone. This helped a ton! I was able to start the day's run and the app tracked my speed, distance, and calories for me. Someone asked me if running outside was harder or easier than running on the treadmill. I said both. The actual mechanics of running was a little harder because you have to propel yourself forward, instead of the belt on a treadmill doing it for you. But it was easier in the sense that time moved quicker. The scenery gave me something different to look at and allowed me to take my mind off of running and how tired I was becoming. Also, I noticed that I burned the same amount of calories (according to my heart rate monitor) as I do on a treadmill, but I didn't sweat as much. I'm sure it was because it was a little chilly outside. But I loved running in the fresh air; I get so hot at the gym. I'm not sure if I will run outside all the time now, but I will surely switch it up more often. On a side note, with my run yesterday I met my new running record-- 28 minutes without stopping!!! I will do this a couple more times and the next interval up is 30. Pretty soon I'll be ready for my 5k!

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